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Jennifer Nichols

(listed as Jennifer Sall)

Jennifer was born and raised in Flint, Michigan and moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1993. She decided to pursue acting (something she had wanted to do since childhood) in 2008. You can see Jennifer in several independent films, commercials, print ads, industrial and internet videos as well as feature films. Jennifer has also produced several independent projects, including co-producing Savage Noir.  She resides in the South Suburbs of Chicago with her husband, Robert and 6 of their 7 children.  Together, they own & operate Steam Springs Media.  For more information about Jennifer Nichols, visit her website at  For More information about Steam Springs Media, go to: https:/

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Greg Norgaard

Greg Norgaard (1969-) After graduating from the University of Nebraska Greg became a pilot for the Navy. He served ten years in the military where he flew helicopters off the USS Enterprise and transport aircraft out of Sigonella, Sicily.

Greg is an award winning author of pulp-fiction books. His first novel, the western, A Savage Retribution, won the Readers Favorite Silver Award for Action-Adventure. His follow up, A Savage Darkness, won second place for E-books at the Hollywood Book Festival in 2012.

Savage Noir: The Complete Adventures of Frank Savage, has been published by Pro Se Productions, a publishing house that specializes in pulp-fiction novels.

Greg is currently living and writing in Chicago and is proud to release his latest, The Cowboy Detective.

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Art Medina

Art Medina was born in Mexico and raised in Chicago, Illinois where he developed a strong love for the Cinema. He set up a partnership with photographer, Michael Cabrera, and developed their first short film; ARTPOLOGY, which Art wrote and directed and Michael shot digitally.

As part of the 2012 48 Hour Film Project, Art collaborated once again with Michael and writer, Greg Norgaard, an actor in ARTPOLOGY, for a Western/Romance entitled; A SAVAGE ROMANCE, written by Greg.  This entry led to their associated with actress, Jen Blankenship (Sall), who co-starred with Greg as lead actress.

On the strength of their teamwork, Jen and Greg produced the sequel to A SAVAGE ROMANCE written by Greg and co-directed by Art and Michael; SAVAGE NOIR.  Art Medina continues to write and direct short films and continues to work with Michael Cabrera including the 2013, 2014 and 2015 48 Hour Film Projects and has recently written and directed the short film comedy, REPLICA.

He claims to know more about movies than anybody else you know…

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Sean Michael Mallory


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Michael Cabrera

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Steve Cosgrove